What's in a name?

The End Game was chosen as the title for my blog about Project Management, Risk assessment and Crisis Control for a simple reason.

Imagine a tourist returning from Switzerland raving about the amazingly comfortable - state of the art -  tour buses.
When asked what he saw there, he answers that he didn't see anything; he simply enjoyed spending 12 hours a day on those fantastic buses.

A project that doesn't get to the final stages - the end game - and all the way to completion, isn't worth much, unless you're one of those involved in "almost making it happen" and having fun while doing so.

  • A programmer who wants the experience of coding in a specific language, for example, may not see the problem with an incomplete project.
  • Somebody who comes to work just to get his salary doesn't always care if his project reaches completion.
Otherwise, it's obvious why an incomplete project is worthless. Nevertheless, many - some say "most" -  projects (especially in the software world) do not reach completion.

The End Game of a project is where an expert Project Manager is necessary; somebody who knows how to identify the missing pieces, figure out how to integrate them and get to that magical moment when a project can be called "complete".

In this blog - The End Game - we will be discussing Project Management, Risk Assessment and Crisis Control from various angles, based on my 15 years of experience as a Project Manager, Controller and Coordinator, and my 30 years experience in the Software, Telecommunications and Internet fields. More about that in future posts.

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  1. Creative innovative thinking!!!
    Now the topics need to be catchy, to the point, so that one learns something quickly and is left wanting more...


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