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Do projects ever end early?

For a while I was an active participant in the StackExchange Project Management betasite.

One of the 6 questions I asked was Do projects ever end early?

The fascinating part of this was that it has been viewed about 6,400 times and generated 14 answers! 
(That's a lot of traffic for a site that has been in beta for almost 6 years because it averages a mere 1.5 questions per day. It needs 10 new questions per day to get out of beta.)

It seems that a lot of people are wondering the same thing: Do projects ever end early?

The question I posed was:
When scheduling, I tend to add a lot of reality into the guesstimates I am provided with. I always add in generous amounts of probable sick days for manpower and extra time for integration and bug fixing. (All this based on decades of experience.) As a result, my projects tend to deliver on schedule. But they never finish earlier than expected. Now I'm wondering if the projects would deliver earlier if I didn't pad the schedule as much. W…