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Spec review: Airbags?

One of the many skills a Project Manager needs, is the ability to review functional specifications.

A Project Manager needs to be able to run a spec-review meeting and follow up the action items and document the changes resulting from the meeting.

Another required skill is the ability to persuade people that everything needs a spec and a review.

Why is that? Let's take a non-programming example, for a change; since I've been getting complaints that my blog is very programming oriented.

In 1971 GM added airbags to the driver's side. Since the airbag worked well for the driver, why not install it on the passenger's side also. Source: Wikipedia: Airbags.

Sounds simple enough: Here's what the MRD (Marketing Requirement Document) may have said: "Take existing design of airbag and add it to the passenger side."

Hardly needs a design, functional spec and review, does it? Seems that implementing it will be trivial; what could possibly go wrong?

If anything, it's way…