New Beginnings - New Concepts

The first in a series of posts highlighting Project Management concepts in the weekly Torah Reading.

This week, we start the 3rd of the 5 Books of Moses - Sefer Vayikra - וַיִּקְרָא .

The first thing one notices is that the first word - ויקרא - is written with a tiny א.

As the Ba'al HaTurim explains this was a result of the humility of our teacher Moses; not wanting to publicize the fact that Gcd was using a term of endearment, he prefered to make it look like he was being called like any commoner, with the term: ויקר

One of the secrets of a good Project Manager is humility; it's not about Project Management, it's about delivering a project on time.

Too often The Project Management becomes the main focus: attend the daily standup, create progress reports, and update your Jira tickets. The fact that the project is progressing on paper is what's important; irrelevant of the actual state of the end-product.

Similar to the cleaning staff, who, instead of ensuring the office is clean, turn the office experience into one of "Keep Our Office Clean" and turn everybody's focus to attaining the goal of zero-dirt.

A Project Manager's task is:

  • Ensure everybody knows what they are supposed to be doing right now.
    • What's the upcoming milestone and what is included in it.
  • Remove impediments that prevent them from concentrating on their jobs.
    • Are they waiting for feedback from somebody? for a License? For permissions to a system? For equipement?
  • Ensure that resources for future tasks are available.
    • E.g.: Design sign off, graphics, QA resources or licenses for add-ons.
A good Project Manager will ensure the focus is on delivering the project and not on the process, or, worse, the Project Management.

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