Perspectives: Parsha and Technical Spec

 Based on an idea that my friend and mentor - Rav Micha Berger - posted on Aspaqlaria.

The bulk of the weekly Torah reading of this week and last week seem repetitive; details about various sacrifices. The difference?

Vayikra describes the sacrifice as performed by the person bringing it. 
Tzav describes the sacrifice as performed by the priest, the Cohen.

These are two totally different perspectives: Like the MRD vs. the Tech Spec. The Customer vs. the Engineer. The User Interface and the Backend.

In a nutshell: The Technical Specification needs to include all the details the customer doesn't want to know about:

  • The Customer wants Users to log in to the system. The Spec has to define how a user can recover a lost password, change their password, and is MFA implemented and how.
  • The Customer wants the system to work. The spec has to define how to recover from unfinished transactions due to network trouble, and to save every detail of every transaction to enable tracing and debugging.
  • The Customer wants it to be device agnostic. The Spec has to define how it will look and behave on every device.

And the list goes on. Each person living life from their own perspective and the Project Manager who has to see and understand things from all perspectives.

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