See no evil, do no evil

What's worse? Not keeping your promises or hiding information?

Vayikra Ch. 5 opens with various types of sins which have the same atonement. The first on the list is a witness who decides not to speak up, the last on the list is one who doesn't keep a promise.
The Torah equates these actions, at some level.

MBA - "Managing By walking Around" - is a favorite method of mine to get updates. Talking to the soldiers in the trenches yields better information than any other method.

Years ago I used to produce a Weekly Progress Report for the CTO, but it was mainly used by QA for planning the week ahead.

Frequently, when asking Team Leaders what their team was up to, I would get an incompatible answer to what I had heard from the individual team members. I quickly learnt to start from the bottom up, and would often update the Team Leaders as to the status of their team.

(Had I thought of continuing up the chain, to the C-Levels, the VPs and the board, maybe the company would still be around? Just wondering...)

Project Managers (or call us Program Managers or Product Managers)  cannot over-communicate; share all the information you can. But don't miscommunicate; a result of not understanding the technology - another pet-peeve of mine that I have written about previously.

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