Taking responsibility

Vayikra discusses the various atonements for various sins.

If you err then you have to make amends. Nobody can do that for you.

With one exception: if the Sanhedrin - the highest Halachic authority - (similar to The Board) errs, then they bring an atonement for everybody who followed their erroneous ruling.

Wouldn't that be a better system than ours?

Project Managers collect all the requirements, hear various estimates and then define deliverables. 

Too often, when something goes wrong, the team implementing has to suffer the extra work; the higher-ups simply re-assess the situation, raise red flags and set a new delivery date.

Even worse is when the entire concept was dictated from The Board. If it fails, it's not the board that loses its job, it's not the CEO who gets a cut in salary. Too often the testers and junior staff get pink-slipped.

The absurdity of firing the testers and juniors is lost on many:

-  Firing staff that are finally trained, and will have to be replaced eventually. And the new staff will once again be trained and barely functional for the first few months. Hardly cost effective.

- The trivial reduction in budget compared to cutting a senior's salary. Most C-Levels executives earn 5 to 10 times what a tester or junior earns. But it sounds impressive when you fire 20% of the staff. 

To be fair, I once worked at a place where the C-Level executives shrunk their salary drastically, for a few years, in an effort to save the company and the staff. But it's the exception, not the rule.

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